2ft 6in Small Single Divan Bed Base in Black Faux Leather

  • 2ft 6in Small Single Divan Bed Base in Black Faux Leather
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The 2ft 6in Small Single Divan Bed Base finished in Black Faux Leather, comes in one piece complete with castors and attachments for a headboard. You can have storage drawers anywhere on the bed base.

The drawers are wooden drawers and upholstered in the same fabric as rest of the bed. The mattress and headboard are not included in the price but can be purchased separately.

Size: 2ft 6in Small Single: (80 cms x 190 cms,30 inches x 75 inches)

There is also a wide range of storage options to choose from.

You can buy this divan bed base with standard side drawers approx each 32" long drawer, Jumbo side drawers approx each 47.5" long drawer, Large full side length drawers, Continental drawers approx each 16" long drawer and slide storage options.

The RH side or the LH side for the storage are from standing at footend of the bed and looking towards the headboard. So ideally, if you require right hand side storage looking from footend of the bed towards the headboard end, you need to select the Right Hand Side option.

We can also supply this divan bed base with customized size and storage options of your choice. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirement.


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